Brittany has taught sixth grade for 17 years, focusing on social studies and math.  She loves to make learning hands-on and bring history to life.  She is a wife, mother of two, and loves animals.  
Leah has taught middle school literature and language and teaches high school social studies and English. She lives in Georgia with her husband and son.  
Scott has been a computer teacher / technology integrator for five years in grades K-8.  He lives in Maine with his wife and has three adult children and three adopted children.
Ellie is a 6th grade math teacher who has been teaching middle and elementary school for more than 20 years. One of her teaching goals is to make math both fun and meaningful for her students. She is the mother of 3 fantastic children, and she loves running, reading, music, and the beach.  
Andrea is a wife, mom of 2, cat owner, flower planter, and quilter.  She loves to make history fun for students.
Brigid has taught middle school and high school math and enjoys using inquiry-based learning.  She has a special love for Geometry and proof writing and lives in New York with her amazing husband and beautiful little daughter.